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Fundacja TechSoup delivers a range of programmes and services with focus on:


Fundacja TechSoup offers Polish NGOs the ability to receive technology assistance, donated software and hardware through the Technologie Non-Profit online platform. This platform also serves as an educational portal about technology in the Polish non-profit world. The purpose of the project is to create and share knowledge about new technologies, as well as to create an online space for the information and knowledge exchange in this area. Technologie.org.pl supports local organizations, their workers and volunteers, members and social activists in using technology for social change.

We support the development of the NetSquared Local groups (monthly gatherings of people interested in the intersection of social technologies and social change). The gatherings started in September 2009 in Warsaw and they have developed and established themselves as a regular event (called NetWtorek) in Warsaw NGO community.

Central and Eastern Europe

Together with our global partners and donors, Fundacja TechSoup provides technology assistance and donation programmes in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia. If you are an NGO from the CEE region and you are interested in technology support, including technology donations, you can check out the local programme by selecting your country in the dropdown box on the right hand menu of this website, or by going directly to the European partners page where you can link through to the associated country programme.

In addition to our country wide technology programmes, we also engage in sector specific activities such as partnering with the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. In coordination with in-country Gates Library grantees and Microsoft, Fundacja TechSoup provides Microsoft software donations for libraries in Bulgaria, Poland, Romania and Ukraine through our technology donation channels.

In cooperation with local partners from Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, and Kosovo, and with the financial support of the Charles Steward Mott Foundation we are currently running a technology for accountability project in the Western Balkans called community boostr. This project contains of launching, running and sustaining a platform for the information and knowledge exchange within the accountability field in the region, as well as organizing offline events devoted to the same topic.

In partnership with the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and Microsoft we continue to build a culture and practice of sustainable development in the Western Balkans by strengthening the technology infrastructure of civil society organizations in the region. We are currently working on expanding the directed product philanthropy program to include more civil society organizations, and explore options for including additional donors, formalize the institutional partner model in Kosovo, Montenegro, and Serbia, as well as increasing the reach and sustainability of technology support and community-building activities through the engagement and training of local partner institutions.

Europe and International

Within Europe and internationally, Fundacja TechSoup are active participants and co-organizers of events which focus on philanthropy, social change and new technology. To learn more about where we have been or how we can get engaged in your event track our news section.

We provide both technical and operational real time support for our network and global partners, who participate in local TechSoup technology assistance and donations programmes.

In collaboration with our donors and sponsors, Fundacja TechSoup actively looks to engage new global partners and start new technology donations programmes within Europe and around the globe.

Fundacja TechSoup is the European delivery hub for the TechSoup Global programmes and activities [including  NGOsource].

To learn more about any of the activites, projects and programmes mentioned above, please browse our website or contact us.