The Unit for Social Innovation and Research – Shipyard/ Pracownia Badań i Innowacji Społecznych STOCZNIA

Shipyard was created with the aim of critical and reliable description of challenges of social life in Poland and searching and promoting effective, innovative methods of reacting to them based on civic participation. It also sets itself a target of formation and intellectual development of persons from different environments, ready to engage in public affairs in a way going beyond individual interests.


CiviCRM is a free, libre and open source constituent relationship management solution. CiviCRM is web‐based, internationalized, and designed specifically to meet the needs of advocacy, non‐profit and non‐governmental groups.


The Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland / Akademia Rozwoju Filantropii w Polsce


The Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland is an independent non‐profit NGO active since 1998. We want people to organize around socially important matters and be able to act together. We inspire. We help to act!

Fundacja TechSoup worked with Akademia on establishing e‐wolontariat.pl website


E-wolontariat.pl is the first e-volunteering platform in Poland. It promotes the concept of volunteering online and there is a growing database of e-volunteering opportunities. As an addition to the portal, first "Discover e-volunteering" competition was organized in 2009 to promote the best practices in Polish non-profit community.

Polish – American Freedom Foundation/ Polsko-Amerykańska Fundacja Wolności


The Polish-American Freedom Foundation was established in the US by the Polish-American Enterprise Fund. In 2000 PAFF began its operations and opened the Representative Office in Poland. The Foundation’s goal is to support the development of civil society, democracy and market economy in Poland, including efforts to equalize opportunities for personal and social development, as well as to support the transformation processes in other countries of Central and Eastern Europe.





The statutory goal of FRSI is to support and promote the development of information society in Poland and abroad. The goals by the Information Society Development Foundation involve the domains of science, education, culture, employment promotion, activities for national minorities and support for local communities development.
Fundacja TechSoup supports the provision of software via the Gates Libraries donation programme to FRSI’s Library Development Programme